Well, vim.org is down again.  We have had direct responses from
SourceForge, thus it's not like they don't care.  They try hard to make
it work, but it still doesn't.

I think it is time we seriously look into the alternative: moving to
osdn.net.  I would like to have two volunteers who take the current
website and make it work on OSDN.  Then we can check that it actually
works there.

The website looks old (it is old), but let's not try to redesign it at
the same time, since that will take an unknown amount of time.  Thus it
would mean taking the existing PHP code, setup the database, and
whatever else is needed to configure it.

Skills required:
- Experience with PHP and MySQL stuff.
- Have time available now (and preferably later for maintenance).
- Trustworthy, be responsible with users private data.

I would prefer at least person we know well from Vim work.

Please respond to this thread if you are interested.

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