On 2020-01-15 17:29, M Kelly wrote:
> Hi,
> In visual-line mode when I yank to the * register and then outside
> of vim paste - I am getting a newline at the end of the selection.
> This does not happen in visual block or char mode.
> Does anyone know of a way to load into * reg the same selection but
> have the last newline trimmed off ?
> ie something like:
> let @* = substitute(@a, "\(.*\)\\n/\1/", "", "")

Pretty sure you're 99% of the way there:

 let @+ = substitute(@a, '\n\+$', '', '')

If you want all potential trailing whitespace (spaces, tabs, and

 let @+ = substitute(@a, '\_s\+$', '', '')

should do the trick.


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