I think he takes a commission, though...

you can try dealing with the craigslist crazies (I myself, am one of 

80 vw caddy
69 vw bug autostick
66 vw bug
85 vw westy
73 vw squareback stick
74 vw superbug autostick

many, many stories.

On Monday, July 18, 2016 at 9:12:29 PM UTC-4, mike morehouse wrote:

> i've decided it is time to sell my stock 1972 Bug that has been in our 
> family since my father-in-law bought it new.
> Can listees recommend best sites to place car for sale? I have it on Samba 
> and some Facebook groups but would appreciate any other suggestions as well.
> Thanks
> Mike Morehouse
> Opelika, AL

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