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Subject: Set a Volume Limit on Your iPhone

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            Set a Volume Limit on Your iPhone 

                        How many times have you put in your headphones and 
started playing music only to get spooked by how loud your volume was? In 
today's tip, we'll show you how to set a volume limit on your iPhone in order 
to protect your ears or those of your children.

                        First, you’ll want to open your Settings application, 
then scroll down and tap Music. Here you can see different options for music 
playback. Tap Volume Limit to adjust the maximum volume your phone outputs 
through its speaker or through any connected headphones.

                        After tapping Volume Limit, you’ll see a slider that 
you can drag left or right to set your phone’s volume limit. In the main Music 
Settings menu, you will see that Volume Limit now says “On” if you’ve set the 
limit to anything other than the maximum amount.

                        Top image credit: Gang Liu /

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