I'll start a new one on this topic because it is already spread in the several different threads and it is really hard to follow.

I've solved some of my own issues beeing able to access the effects menu by using 3D Touch on Send buton. According to Sieghard I should be able to access it with double tap and hold but somehow it is not working for me. I see screen is changing when I perform DTH but it is not the same as forcing the Send button.

The other thing bugging me is I don't see Send button if I don't enter some text in the field. There is only Record Audio button available right to the edit box and Send button appears only after I type or dictate some text. Is it the way it should be now or is it a bug?

I've listened to some podcasts about iMessages but I didn't get any smarter. Conclusion is, for now the new iMessages interface is working but it is still kinda hit and miss and Apple should give it some extra time to make it more usable and consistent for Voice Over users.


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