Thanks to those who offered their ideas about my add a Braille dot question.

When I got the SE, I had the Rep put all the original apps? in one folder so the screen would not be cluttered. I then had the phone set up to basically be the 'only' thing I could do. Right now I am very satisfied just making and receiving calls using Siri and VO. I am a little better than I was, but still have a lot of trouble hanging up. I usually ask the person I was talking to to hang up so the connection will be cut. I think I am also using my thumb print to gain access.

Does anyone know what I can expect as far as battery life goes?

I did have the Rep take the screen down to about 25% and I think I had him turn off automatic updates or something like that to try and conserve the battery.

Are there other things I need to do to help battery life?

Thanks again for your ideas!

Nancy and the SE

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