Hello everybody,

I apologize for all of the questions today. It's just that I don't get a 
lot of time to sit down and ask what I need, a lot of the times.

So here are some questions I have. I hope someone will be kind enough to 
help me out.

First of all, if I add an app to my Iphone, how can I make sure it does 
not seem to automaticly get added to my Ipad?

I don't want this to happen. I have specific apps for my Iphone, and 
specific apps for my Ipad.

Also, what are the pages, keynote, I University, Imovie, and things of 
that nature?

Can I remove them from both my Iphone, and Ipad?

If so, how do I go about doing this?

Also, how do I go about removing the watch app, or the news app?

I don't want, or need these.

Also, I noticed that my Ipad doesn't have a storage option, under 
settings, and general, like my Iphone does.

So how do I go about removing apps, if I decide at some point I no 
longer want them?

Also, how do I check the storage space on my Ipad?

I know I have asked a lot of questions. So I appreciate everyone's 
patience with me. I have just one more.

Is there a way to set it on my Ipad, so that I don't always have to 
enter my password?

For instance, when I am downloading a free app. I know it can be done. 
It is set like this on my Iphone. But I never set it up on my own. I got 
a notification once when downloading something, and I took the option.

Ok, I am off for now. For the rest of the day, I will only respond to 
replies I receive. Thank you again for your patience, and understanding.

Thank you,


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