Hi all, 

The problem I am having with my iPhone 7 is that all of a sudden...when I was 
Facetime Audio chatting with my sister...It began having great interference. At 
first we thought it was her iPhone 7 as it was making a crackling sound, but 
then another friend Facetime audio called me and asked me if I was out in the 
wind. She couldn't hear me, although I could hear her clearly. I made a regular 
phone call from my home phone to my iPhone and the noise on the receiving end 
was really bad! I first rebooted the phone. When there was no change, I tried a 
hard reset. Then I reset network settings, then erased the phone and restored 
it. Still static and crackling. Everything else is clear, including VoiceOver 
and other apps that make noise. I am currently stumped and out of ideas, and 
would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on what the problem might 
be and what I might do about it. Thanks for reading all this - just wanted to 
let you know what had already been tried. Thanks in advance for any help you 
may give me! 



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