So I spoke with a buddy of mine named Allen who got the iPhone 8 this past Friday. We got into talking about volume settings and he told me that his VO volume in the rotor is set to 80 and his ring sound volume is set to 33. And he has the box unchecked to select ringer volume with buttons. He says that with these volume settings that he can hear his notifications really well with the volume buttons on the side turned down where the speech is low enough for him to hear but not those around him. If I did this same adjustment with my iPhone 7 and you could faintly hear notifications sounds when they came in since notifications are tied to the media volume while Voice over is turned on. So I'm wondering if  those of you with the 8 can hear your notification sounds with this volume setup that he has? I have my VO volume set at 5 and ringer volume set at 23 which has nothing to do with notification sounds. However mine are still really low when they come in since I keep my media volume down lower to keep VO from being heard by those around me. I don't keep the media volume down so low that I have to strain to hear it, but at a comfortable level where I can hear it when I'm using the phone. So I'm trying to find out if the 8 works differently than the 7 and how Allen is able to keep VO volume at 80 and keep the entire neighborhood from hearing his speech?

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