Hello list
I live in South Africa and this afternoon I discovered that, to my greatest
surprise and disappointment, there are not batteries available here in SA
for any Apple products, except for iPhones. I need a battery for my iPod 6th
Gen and you might not understand but due to our terrible exchange rate it is
not just a matter of buying a new one. Therefor I ask for someone in the US,
someone in the UK and perhaps Australia and Canada to find out from their
local apple store if an iPod Touch 6th Gen battery is available there. I
want to establish if this is a world wide Apple policy or if it is just a
problem here in SA. Just Imagine, I purchased a new iPad Mini 5 last
December. Say for whatsoever reason the battery dies a few days after my
warranty will elapse at the end of the year then I have to fro this brand
new product into the bin!
Kind regards

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