Hi Kim,

I'm not sure which app Eileen meant, since the closest match to her
description that I found is a free app called "Global Tipping".
However here's another suggestion that might do what you want:
• iTip (tip calculator) by PalaSoftware, Inc. (free):

This app is very accessible with a pretty clean interface and some
nice options for mailing a record of the transaction, and also
rounding up or down the total and splitting the bill.  It's ad
supported, but the ad is unobtrusive, and is the last element at the
bottom of the screen, so will not get in your way. There is one
unlabeled button in the top right corner of the screen that takes you
to a settings screen, but you'll probably find the default settings
work fine for you.

The first item to fill in is the "Bill Amount" text field.  Double
tapping there brings up a keyboard in bottom third of the screen with
4 rows of number buttons in 3 columns, similar to a numerical keypad
layout, and a 5th row with buttons for "delete", "clear", and "done"
just above the number buttons.  The top number row is "7 8 9", next is
"4 5 6", then "1 2 3", and the bottom row is a "0" button that spans
two columns in width with a decimal point (i.e., "period" button) at
the bottom right corner.  Enter the bill amount by double tapping the
number keys and period button.  If you make a mistake, double tapping
the "delete" button just above the number "7" button will delete the
last entered character.  You can also erase the entire bill amount by
double tapping the "clear" button just to the right of "delete".  When
you are finished, double tap the "done" button at the far right, just
above the number "9" button of the input keypad.  This will close the
input keyboard., and if you now check the "Bill Amount" it will show
your entry in dollars. (You can obviously use the calculator for other
currencies, but it automatically puts in a "$" symbol.  Also, the app
always stores the last tip calculation entries you made, so even if
you clear the bill amount and type in a "0" and double tap "done", it
will revert to the last real amount that you entered.)

Flick right from the bill amount text field to "Tip Percent" and on to
the buttons for "10%", "15%", "18%", "20%", and "other".  By default
"18%" is selected, but you can change this.  If you want to choose
some other percent amount, double tap the "other" button, and use the
input keypad to enter a new amount, taking care to first double tap
the "clear" button on the keypad. Otherwise the current button
selection amount will appear in this text field (e.g., "18%"). Double
tap "done" to escape the input keypad.

If you enter a specific tip amount, a text field with that percentage
will appear instead of the "other" button after buttons for "10%",
"15%", "18%", and "20%".  Double tapping any of those buttons will
cause the fifth element to revert back from a text field to the
"other" button.

Flick right past the buttons for tip percent to the "Tip Amount" text
field, which will display the calculated tip amount.

If you flick right past the tip amount text field, you'll reach the
"Grand Total" text field that gives the Bill Amount plus Tip Amount,
preceded by buttons for "hyphen" (really the minus sign) and "plus".
Now this is a cool feature: if you want round up or down the total
amount to whole dollars, double tap the "plus" or "hyphen" buttons.
Each double tap will increase or decrease the grand total by a
dollar.  And if you flick left back to the tip percent, you'll find a
text field with corresponding tip amount expressed as a tip percent.
The tip amount text field (in dollars) also gets updated. So you can
adjust the grand total by however many dollars rounded up or down you
wish, and go back to check the corresponding tip percentage that is

Next cool feature is the "Split Bill" options.  Like the "Tip Percent"
there are standard button options of "1", "2", "3", and "4" followed
by an "other" button that you can double tap to enter some other
number via the input keyboard.  As with the tip percent entry, double
tap the "clear" button before choosing your entry numbers, and double
tap the "done" button above the "9" button to exit.

Flicking right from the split bill options takes you to the "Person
Total" entries for split bills, with a listing of the individual tip
amount.  As with the "Grand Total" the amount in the text field for
each person can be adjusted up or down to round to whole dollar
amounts by using the "plus" and "hyphen" buttons before the text field
for "Person Total".  and again, if you flick left you can read off the
adjusted Grand Total, Tip Amount, and Tip Percent for the changes
you've made.

Finally, you can email a report of the entire transaction using the
"Compose" button in the too left corner, along with any text you care
to add.  It will report the bill amount, the tip both as a percentage
and an amount, and the grand total amount.  If you used the split bill
feature, a line will also be appended like "Split the bill 3 ways" and
the dollar amount paid by each will be listed.

For completeness, I'll describe the adjustable switch buttons in the
settings (the unlabeled button in the top right corner of the screen,
which does not seem to let VoiceOver labels "stick").  All switch
buttons are "off" by default.  If you double tap to turn on the switch
button for "Tax", then following the "Bill Amount" there will be text
fields for the tax as a percentage of the bill amount and as a dollar
amount.  You can double tap in either field to enter a per centage or
a dollar amount, and the corresponding text field will be calculated.
For example, if you enter the tax dollar amount, the percentage field
will show you the per cent tax on the bill amount used for that dollar
amount of tax.  The tip amount is still calculated as a percentage of
the bill amount, but the grand total will include the bill amount,
tax, and tip, as will the person totals.  Again, the person totals can
be rounded up or down to whole dollar amounts.

The second switch button in settings is for "qualitative tipping" and
if selected it introduces a slider for adjusting the default selected
tip rate.  Since VO's slider control is not really good for fine
tuning, and you'd have to flick to read off the actual tip percentages
and amounts each time you use the slider, I'd give this setting a miss
and leave it on "off".

The final settings switch button is for "standard keyboard" and
turning this to "on" let's you enter numbers, decimal points, and also
currency symbols with the standard keyboard that shows up with "more
numbers". You can use touch typing or dictation here, and also enter
different currency symbols, but I find dictation is slower than manual
entry, and I personally find the default number keypad easier to use.

Exit the settings screen by double tapping the "Done" button in the
top right corner of the screen. The settings screen also lets you send
an email to iTip Support if you need to contact the developers.

HTH.  Cheers,


On Jan 17, 7:47 am, Kimber Gardner <kimbersinbox1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I can't find any app with that name. Who is the developer?
> Thanks
> Kim
> On 1/17/13,EileenMisrahi <eileen.misr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > The discussion of what is anvacceptavle is not in question. The app that
> > have is called "GlobalTipPro." Not only will it calculate thetip, there
> > is a tab to find out tipping practices all over the world. This comes in
> > handy when traveling. HTH.
> >Eileen
> > Sent from my iPhone
> > On Jan 16, 2013, at 6:33 PM, "Andy Baracco" <w...@socal.rr.com> wrote:
> >> These days, 10% is not considered acceptable unless you receive poor
> >> service.
> >> Andy
> >> -----Original Message----- From: Lauren Simmons
> >> Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 9:24 PM
> >> To: viphone@googlegroups.com
> >> Subject: Re: Accessibletipcalculator
> >> Its actually lots easier if you remember to move the decimal point once to
> >> the left regardless of amount.
> >> 10%tipon $33.44 is $3.34.
> >> 10%tipon $23,400 is $2,340.
> >> LS
> >> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Alan Paganelli"
> >> <alanandsuza...@earthlink.net>
> >> To: <viphone@googlegroups.com>
> >> Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 9:59 AM
> >> Subject: Re: Accessibletipcalculator
> >> I don't use atipcalculator.  I think ten percent is more then enough.
> >> It's easy enough to figure it.  10 percent of a hundred bucks is 10
> >> bucks.
> >> Ten percent of 230 dollars is 23 bucks etc.
> >> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Lynn Coats" <lynncoat...@gmail.com>
> >> To: <viphone@googlegroups.com>
> >> Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2013 3:06 PM
> >> Subject: Accessibletipcalculator
> >>> Hi everyone,
> >>> Does anyone know of an accessibletipcalculatorfor the iPhone five?
> >>> Thank you very much.
> --
> Kimberly

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