On 02/22/2018 06:34 AM, marcandre.lur...@redhat.com wrote:
> From: Marc-André Lureau <marcandre.lur...@redhat.com>
> Hi,
> The <vmcoreinfo> feature allows a guest to provide debug details when
> producing dump. It's useful in particular for Linux guests with KASLR
> enabled, as otherwise the dump are difficult to analyze.
> This patch set adds virt-install support for vmcoreinfo domain
> feature. Whenever the host libvirt/qemu is recent enough, and the VM
> is x86 or arm-virt, we can assume <vmcoreinfo/> is supported and
> enable it by default (unless --feature vmcoreinfo=on/off is given, or
> changed via API)

Thanks. I pushed 2-5. Dropped #1 since it's redundant due to some
patches I had pending. Made some code changes to #3 but functionally
identical. I'd still like to understand the situation better before
enabling the default


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