Not surprising.  Santos funded the IPv6 feature in TurboVNC, but most if
not all major VirtualGL installations use VGL with TurboVNC or another X
proxy, so the VGL Transport has received little attention since I became
an independent developer in 2009.  I'm working feverishly on VGL 2.6
beta right now and will add this to my list of things to look at, but in
general, it's tough to justify putting a lot of effort into the VGL
Transport, since it's so infrequently used.  I would welcome a patch
submission for this.


On 4/12/18 12:44 PM, GM wrote:
> Does VirtualGL work with IPv6? For me it looks like VirtualGL with IPv6
> has some problems, e.g. "vglrun" the way SSH_IP is detected there.
> SSH_IP=`echo $SSH_CLIENT | cut -d' ' -f1 | cut -d: -f4`
> The char : is part of an IPv6 address and so the SSH_IP is wrong.
> GM

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