is there a way to make good use of MaxQueryCostEstimationTime to prevent
extremly long running queries ?

For the 'real' SELECT query we want to use the jena provider but the
idea is to first ask the SPARQL port 1111 to check whether the query is
immediately rejected due to MaxQueryCostEstimationTime.

Of course we do not want the query to than complete on port 1111 in case
it is not rejected but want to use the jena provider instead.

On a related note is it possible to get a more specific exception
instead of 'HTTP 500 error making the query: SPARQL Request Failed' when
MaxQueryCostEstimationTime is triggered ?

How accurate is MaxQueryCostEstimationTime ? The virtuoso database is
running in a tmpfs (ca 50GB RAM) and has about 850 million triples.



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