On 6/12/19 1:38 AM, Allan Kamau wrote:
> I am trying to load data into Virtuoso server. I order to do so I
> assume I first need to construct a graph into which to load the data.
> I have configured a password for the dba user, then logged in as user
> dba using isql application.
> When I issue a command such as the one below, I am presented with the
> error message "Error 37000: [Virtuoso Driver][Virtuoso Server]SQ074:
> Line 1:"
> What could I be doing wrong?
> Essentially I have several RDF/XML graph data files that I would like
> to load into Virtuoso.
> Each data file contains data from one row of a CSV spreadsheet.
> All the data belongs to a single dataset hence I assume these data
> should be uploaded into a common "graph".
> Allan.

Hi Allan,

In this situation, you would load data into Virtuoso from RDF datasets
using the Bulk Loader [1].

BTW -- we have a Community Forum [2] where you questions would be
exposed to a broader pool of Virtuoso users :)

[1] http://vos.openlinksw.com/owiki/wiki/VOS/VirtBulkRDFLoader -- Bulk
Loading RDF document content into Virtuoso

[2] https://community.openlinksw.com


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