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> I'm new to Visual SVN, so I apologize up front if this has been addressed
> before!
> I have installed Visual SVN on a system running Server 2012 r2 with a c:
> drive for O/S and VSvn, and an e: drive for the repositories.  (d: is
> DVD).  It was installed while I was logged in as administrator.  It is
> running on a virtual machine - VMWare using current versions of ESXI and
> vCenter (6.5).  The c: drive is on Datastore1 and the e: drive is on
> Datastore2.
> If I am logged in as administrator (or appears that anyone that is local
> admin) everything is fine.  If I am not logged in as admin, VSvn says it
> cannot see the e: drive, and the help talks about network share issues.
> For the VSVN service/console, does it need to be run as a local admin?
> Or, do I have some kind of odd configuration problem?  I haven't looked to
> see, but I'm assuming the console does not have to be "running" for VSvn to
> work and the important bits are already running as a service?

I am not sure which error you are getting, but it seems to me that I
understand what's going on. Does your non-admin user account belong to
the *VisualSVN
Server Admins* local group on the computer? Please, add your user account
to this group and see whether it helps.

VisualSVN Server configures the permissions to the repositories root
location (I guess its E:\ in your case) and the membership in the *VisualSVN
Server Admins* is required to access the repositories and manage them via
the VisualSVN Server Manager MMC console.

With best regards,
Pavel Lyalyakin
VisualSVN Team

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