Dear Phillip,

Thank you for your information.

Sorry if you didn't get my post clear. Let me tell you. I went to, you gave me. That is what I needed information. I went
to Router List, unfortunately, I cannot seem to find XFINITY but, I do see
Comcast routers, but they seem not to match me, I think. I haven't get my
magnifying glass to read the model number yet. I came home from my friend's
home and got busy to do business first. But, I visited Port Forward website.
The really nice thing is to use FPConfigure. Unfortunately, it is not free,
I must purchase it for $29.95 a copy. It is not helpful, I have to disagree
with you. I tried to look for software list, but, it is not easy for me. I
am a blind user. Not easy for me, either.

Did you use FPConfigure from there, if not, what should I do step-by-step
how I can follow better?

By the way, I logged onto which is my router's address. I
got the logo that says 'XFINITY Login' and I entered my router username &
password then, Log in. I can see "Port Forwarding" so, I need to find out
how I can do with VNC since I think that does not list
this router. I also tried Google to find out, unfortunately, no luck,
either! Sigh.

Any suggestion?

Johnny :)

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You haven't said exactly what you're trying to do with VNC, so it's hard to
advise.  If you're trying to access a machine on that network from
elsewhere, you'll need to set up port forwarding. is a
big help.  I assume everything on the local network picks up an IP address
from the router, so they should all be on the same subnet.  The 5800 port is
for the Java viewer, so you'd type http://<ip address>::5800 in a browser's
address bar (not a search box).  For the VNC client the port to forward is
5900, with 5500 if you want to make a reverse connection out to a
'listening' client.  Watch out for firewalls!

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Hello, Everybody!

I am a new user, but actually, I was an old subscriber back in 2000's.
Anyway, I got a new XFINITY modem, it was messed up including my Videophone
[VP] by Sorenson Communications. Yesterday, my tech guy came. He fixed the
wires. It is much better also, he reconfigured my VP for XFINITY modem. It
works great for now.

Unfortunately, my VNC cannot be connected from my laptop's end. I've tried
ip-address:5800 and I got Connection Timed out. I checked the settings, I
got the router so, I don't understand the settings yet.

I am running on:

Windows XP x86
Comcast high-speed internet using XFINITY modem VNC 4.1.2 Server/Viewer

My router's IP address starts with 10.0.0.x... I think so.

When I got into router, it says XFINITY - Login so, I did logged on. I got
the main screen:

HOME > At A Glance

Home Networking         Network Connection

It listed the hardware stuff. It is very basic.

Can someone tell me how do I set my VNC to go through to the internet?

Let me know.

Thank you very much!

John Cunniff
Deaf-Blind Contact Center
Phone: 866-350-7482 voice or VP

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