Based on the response to a question on StackOverflow 
I am investigating switching to RealVNC from TightVNC as my viewer. I have 
verified that the current RealVNC viewer can connect to my workstation (the 
latest version of TightVNC does not!?!?!). However, my multi-monitor setup is 
using two USB DisplayLink connectors to attach a pair of 22" monitors to my 
laptop. I have a similarly matching pair of monitors on my workstation and 
would like to see the whole desktop at one time.
I can stretch the viewer window across the two monitors but because of the MS 
Windows title bar on the window, I lose that much height which is equivalent to 
the toolbars on the top and bottom of the workstation desktop. In full screen 
mode, I can get the full height, but obviously only one monitor's width.
I would like to know if anyone has attempted the multi-monitor full screen mode 
with USB DisplayLink connections in the RealVNC Personal Edition. Does it work? 
Is there any additional configuration required?
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