Hello Tim,

>>>>> Tim Hammer wrote:

> Based on the response to a question on StackOverflow
> (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9602985/vnc-viewer-with-multiple-monitors)
> I am investigating switching to RealVNC from TightVNC as my viewer. I
> have verified that the current RealVNC viewer can connect to my
> workstation (the latest version of TightVNC does not!?!?!).

How does it look like when it does not connect? Please let me know and
we'll be happy to fix that. By the way, if that's Vino on the server
side, we already fixed similar connectivity problem so it's possible
that version 2.5.2 will work just fine (it will be released in the
nearest days).

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Constantin Kaplinsky
GlavSoft LLC

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