I've seen some varying comments on the list with regards to my issue, but
none of them seem to directly apply.  I had been using version 4.6.1 of the
enterprise viewer on a Windows machine.  When I would start up a fullscreen
viewer, it would cover everything including the Windows taskbar.  This is
the behavior that I prefer.

Today I switched to a different Windows machine and when I run the
fullscreen viewer (same version), the Windows taskbar refuses to go away.
 I tried upgrading Real VNC to version 5.0.5, but that did not change the

First off, do other people experience the "fullscreen covers everything
right away" behavior?  And if so, did you have to do anything to get it
that way?  Secondly, I've seen some mention of clicking on the taskbar and
then back in the viewer to get rid of the taskbar.  I've tried this, but
the taskbar remains.  Is anyone aware of any other workarounds to get rid
of the taskbar?

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