Thanks for the responses.  Unfortunately the behavior has changed back.
 I've tried a number of things, but I have no idea what happened or how to
get reproduce this.


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> Could it be something as simple as maximising the viewer window before
> activating full-screen?
> Best wishes,
> Philip Herlihy
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> Subject: VNC viewer fullscreen does not cover Windows taskbar
> I've seen some varying comments on the list with regards to my issue, but
> none of them seem to directly apply.  I had been using version 4.6.1 of the
> enterprise viewer on a Windows machine.  When I would start up a fullscreen
> viewer, it would cover everything including the Windows taskbar.  This is
> the behavior that I prefer.
> Today I switched to a different Windows machine and when I run the
> fullscreen viewer (same version), the Windows taskbar refuses to go away.
>  I tried upgrading Real VNC to version 5.0.5, but that did not change the
> behavior.
> First off, do other people experience the "fullscreen covers everything
> right away" behavior?  And if so, did you have to do anything to get it
> that
> way?  Secondly, I've seen some mention of clicking on the taskbar and then
> back in the viewer to get rid of the taskbar.  I've tried this, but the
> taskbar remains.  Is anyone aware of any other workarounds to get rid of
> the
> taskbar?
> Thanks,
> Todd
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