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Date: 4/13/18 4:44 pm
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On 4/13/18 4:42 PM, Glen Gerhard wrote:
 > Lately I've been getting calls to my Tmobile cell phone with CNAMs such 
 > as Scam Likely and Nuisance Call.  Even without the CNAM I know they are 
 > call centers so don't pick up, but I'm wondering who assigns that CNAM? 
 > I'd expect Tmobile to dip the CNAM but doubt the official database would 
 > flag the number this way. If it's coming from the call center app it's 
 > pretty funny. I don't know anywhere else along the call path it would be 
 > changed.
 > ~Glen

 Android phone? It's from Google, not T-Mobile.


 T-Mobile does have a contract service that provides a database of supposedly 
bad actors. That's a known program, quite separate from what the smart phone OS 
might be doing.

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