It’s pretty likely those are coming from our numbers.  We’ve seen a dramatic 
increase in fraudsters using our phone numbers (both vacant and assigned) to 
make fraud calls.  Then, the called parties often lookup the number and end up 
calling us to complain even though the fraudster doesn’t own the number and 
isn’t our customer.


So, while there’s nothing we can do to prevent them from using our assigned 
numbers, we’ve started populating CNAM for all of our unassigned numbers 
nationwide with “Probably Fraud” since no legitimate outbound calls are made 
from those numbers.  Then when the number IS assigned, we overwrite the CNAM 
entry with the correct one.


This has dramatically helped with the problem; far fewer people answer the 
fraud calls when the callerID says that.




Mike Ray, MBA, CNE, CTE

Astro Companies, LLC

11523 Palm Brush Trail #401

Lakewood Ranch, FL  34202

DIRECT: call or text 941 600-0207






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Subject: Re: [VoiceOps] Wireless Carrier Lookups: CNAM DIPS



Lately I've been getting calls to my Tmobile cell phone with CNAMs such as Scam 
Likely and Nuisance Call.  Even without the CNAM I know they are call centers 
so don't pick up, but I'm wondering who assigns that CNAM?  I'd expect Tmobile 
to dip the CNAM but doubt the official database would flag the number this way. 
If it's coming from the call center app it's pretty funny. I don't know 
anywhere else along the call path it would be changed.


On 3/26/2018 8:05 AM, Eric Wieling wrote:

I use 


  "response": { 
    "results": [ 
        "status": "OK", 
        "number": "18504901495", 
        "wless": "y", 
        "carrier_name": "Verizon Wireless", 
        "carrier_id": "5", 
        "country": "United States", 
        "sms_address":  <> "", 
        "mms_address":  <> "", 
        "ocn": "6006" 

On 03/26/2018 09:29 AM, Shripal Daphtary wrote: might be useful. 



On Mar 26, 2018, at 9:14 AM, Ivan Kovacevic  
<> <> wrote: 

Hi Everyone, 

We are looking for an API provider for real-time carrier lookups. 
Specifically because we need to determine the Canadian wireless carrier 
(Rogers, Bell, Telus, etc.) to know where to direct a text message. 

I see Twillio has a real-time API, but it's quite pricy. When I looked at 
this about a decade ago, Telcordia used to have monopoly on this type of 
data, hoping things have changed. 

Thanks in advance. 

Ivan Kovacevic 
VP Client Services 


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