In Aussie Guy's summary of the key points of the show he stated "Heating is via low energy Gammas hitting the lead shielding." I must of missed that in the interview and will have another listen when I get time.

This sounds to me that the heat used to heat the water is produced by the heating of the lead shield by the radiation rather than the heat from the actual reaction itself. So in effect the lead shield has become the heat exchanger. Is my interpretation correct? If so this could explain why Rossi doesn't use another material (similar to DGT) for the shielding.

On 16/01/12 07:58, Aussie Guy E-Cat wrote:

Rossi claimed, in the latest interview, two 511 keV gammas, going in opposite directions, were produced and had been measured as a result of electron–positron annihilation inside the E-Cat reactor.


On 1/16/2012 6:08 PM, Mark Iverson-ZeroPoint wrote:
Aussie Guy summarizing Rossi's interview...
    "512 keV 180 deg Gammas have been detected"

180 degs relative to what?


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