I am not sure if the point being made is that there can't be gamma radiation or else Rossi would be dead, or that there is gamma radiation and so it will never be a home appliance.

The indications so far are that radiation levels are small, but not zero. This may well allow for home usage eventually, but there will be a lot of work to get through approvals. A lot of data on the variation with time of the radiation would be needed, and it may be necessary to have detectors and a quench system to deal with spikes. All of this would mean a far better understanding of the system than currently appears to be the case, so I fear that products for use in the home may be some way off, but still possible.


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In that case we'd be talking about liquid lead shielding. 3 cm would reduce 511 keV gamma by about 99%. Still - the equivalent of 10 kW x .01 would escape and Rossi would be dead, his product considered extremely hazardous and chances for a home unit below zero. Can't be.

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