WL also predict an increase in surface conductivity (decrease in resistance) :

> The number density of heavy electrons on a metallic hydride surface is
> of the order of the number density of surface hydrogen atoms when
> there is a proton or deuteron flux moving through the surface and LENR
> are being neutron catalyzed.
> **** These added heavy electrons produce an anomalously high surface
> electrical conductivity at the LENR threshold. ***

See Celani's recent stuff:

> Re: [Vo]:Celani to announce a possible marker of anomalous heat
> production in LENR
> Akira Shirakawa
> Thu, 05 Jan 2012 18:09:10 -0800 On 2012-01-06 02:52, Harry Veeder
> wrote:
> In plain language is Celani saying he found the electrical resistance
> of the wire decreases with increasing temperature *if* the wire is
> loaded with hydrogen?
> Exactly, and more importantly that this phenomenon appears to be
> correlated with anomalous heat production (ie successful LENR
> experiments), so potentially materials/samples showing a more
> pronounced transition from a positive to negative temperature
> coefficient of resistance with hydrogen loading are the best ones. If
> confirmed, this would be a significant step forward towards excess
> heat reproducibility.


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