Why do you punish yourself like this, Adrian? Rossi lied and called Penon a PhD 
and you and the other sheep then started calling him Dr. Penon ... LOL. He is a 
glorified mechanic.

You seem to be a smart enough individual to make inferences based on other 
fields than the one you are trained in, but there are realities here that you 
absolutely refuse to consider. You can't really be that hard-headed, can you? 
All of the crime statistic show that the recidivism rate for white collar 
property crimes is extraordinarily high - above 75%. For a 4 time loser like 
Rossi, it is almost a certainty that he has not reformed. This is the thing he 
does best - the financial scam.

He is the master of the energy version of this scam. But the difference here is 
that he is also a decent inventor and this makes him believe he can pull off 
the perfect scam, sooner or later. Yet - here again we have similar 
circumstances and you are blind to the fact that he has resorted to the thing 
he does best. There is a slight twist since he has found a niche where there is 
a proved anomaly that no one understands yet. That is why he is being called a 
"value added scammer" but make no mistake, he is a professional energy swindler 
of the highest order.

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From: a.ashfield 

Jones.  "In fact, all of the pictures from JM show a pristine box that simply 
cannot have been an active boiler – it is too clean. Have you ever seen a 
working boiler?"

AA.  It looks like you lack good industrial experience if you have never seen a 
clean boiler.  Not to mention the LENR does not involve combustion.  It does 
make me wonder - what experience have you ever had?

Jones.  "Please note, I am not accusing anyone of a crime or even a civil tort, 
since the evidence does not support that yet"

AA.  But you have repeatedly done just that.  You say Rossi is a swindler and a 
fraud.  Also licensed engineer Fabio Penon was "no more 
than a glorified mechanic."   Later saying you didn't does not negate that.

Just why you would want to copyright your piece of fiction is a mystery.  
Potential customers like ShutRossiDown seem to closed their doors.

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