That doesn’t answer my question… it’s just regurgitating the 
particle/antiparticle jargon.



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The latest theory is that entanglement keeps spacetime together. Entanglement 
is fundamental.  All other aspects of spacetime come from entanglement. In 
order for entanglement to exist, two things must be entangled. When a particle 
is created, it must be paired with an antiparticle so that a connection between 
them is formed...entanglement must be created.  All particle pairs must be 
connected by a wormhole. The wormhole is the mechanism that keeps spacetime 


We can manipulate the forces of nature, weak, strong, EMF, gravity by using 
entanglement, since those "fundamental" forces come from(aka emerge) 
entanglement and all the properties of spacetime emerge from entanglement.


This idea has just come to Leonard Susskind and is explained here: 


Dear Qubitzers, GR=QM

Leonard Susskind <> 

(Submitted on 10 Aug 2017)


Also, here is how wormholes work




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Perusing some physics news, and thought you’d b interested in this:


Some excerpts:

The new findings seem to break the classical physics law of the Conservation of 
Energy – that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – showing that new 
energy can appear within a closed system from nowhere.


These Quantum physicists first theorised, then proved, that particles simply 
pop into existence, usually in pairs, from absolutely nowhere.


Nobel prize winner Frank Wilczek of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 
who specialises is quantum chromodynamics, the theory that describes how quarks 
behave deep within atomic nuclei, has found that the universe simply doesn’t 
like a state of nothingness.


-mark iverson



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