I think this is a solution. All the rambling about that jobs disappear to
China, to robots etc. does very little to solve the problem.
I guess the Republican Party believe this is violates their basic
philosophy. In reality it is just right on their philosophy. It takes care
the problem we face when being human (i.e. giving healthcare to uninsured)
conflicts the rules, it gives freedom to persuade your personal goals.
I think that it should be combined with limitations in inheritance. There
are few logical reasons for a distribution based on an agriculture
society. I think it is hard to find a good solution to inheritance because
of long time indoctrination. Nothing says that a will or an old law provide
a fair solution. If society provides the basic human rights, then there is
little need to take care of the offspring after you are dead. Thus dead
people's assets could be argued to belong to the community. The problem is
that to let the political entities take over will make the assets
detoriate. See communism, everybody owns it but it is nobody's
responsibility. In my opinion a good solution with today's measurements of
how to handle the inheritance, can make the way for this idea with basic
income. It is also solving the problem with 'how to fund the reform' and
the debate about the one percent.
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Fear of robots taking jobs spurs a bold idea: guaranteed pay

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