The model I am trying to fit to our "weather disturbances" is based upon an
unstable vacuum and "Branes" emerging/decaying in our local space
time/atmosphere, which could also provide the warpage of space time
required for emergent gravity.–Sundrum_model

That would imply gravity is emergent via an increase in entropy in our
local space time and our weather is a byproduct of the inflation and decay
of that entropy from "compactified" extra dimensions.  You would have to
increase the entropy of a gas ~ 5e14 BTUs/Deg R to condense 33 trillion
gallons of water: dS=dQ/T. A hurricane may actually be a vacuum manifold.

One way to increase the condensing power of a gas(the atmosphere) might be
to cool it by expanding it through inflation.  Our largest weather
disturbances happen along "cold fronts" and "eyewalls" which fits that

Sunspots travel in a similar trajectory to hurricanes on Earth.  Maybe they
are also emerging, higher energy, higher dimensional Branes also following
a geodesic

The entropy of a black hole is measured by its surface area, therefore I
would look along the eye walls of hurricanes and the outer
bands/disturbances for "cold dark matter" which might be a "gauge field"
from the primary "particle"

This would imply the whole damn place is decaying, including space time.

Branes bring rain...

Also lots of lensing in the atmosphere before hurricanes

The ice is from the extreme condensing along the vacuum manifold

I spend a lot of time stuck in Atlanta traffic thinking about this..

Be safe

On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 6:38 PM ChemE Stewart <> wrote:

> -Massive Vacuum Condensing of water in the Atmosphere
> -Massive Vacuum Evaporation of water over the Ocean
> -Electromagnetic Discharge, which is known to occur before/during
> earthquakes
> -A sudden, extreme increase in Entropy surrounding the Disturbance such as
> demolished cities, forests
> Maybe the Vacuum of Spacetime is Unstable...
> Which could explain the ongoing inflation of spacetime and a continual
> increase in Entropy in our surroundings
> Maybe a "Hurricane" is actually triggered by Massive Compact Halo Object(s)
> Maybe the eye wall is actually a vacuum horizon/domain wall...
> Maybe the tornadoes and waterspouts and microbursts and bands around the
> primary disturbance are actually signs of quantum decoherence superposition
> of the vacuum as it decays.
> If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, maybe it is a duck sorta
> thing...
> Something to think about as it bears down us in Georgia...
> Nature is amazing
> On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 6:07 PM Adrian Ashfield <>
> wrote:
>> Stewart,
>> What was your point?
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>> Hurricane Harvey condensed 33 trillion gallons of water over land.  In
>> industry you would pull a vacuum in a LARGE surface condenser with LOTS of
>> surface area and the ability to remove LOTS of heat to sustain the VACUUM
>> for condensing to continue.
>> Just saying

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