My electroplated pointer and link actually looks pretty good off of camera.  
Some polishing would be nice but I am done with this.  Unfortunately, I now 
have a stone wall to rebuild.  Two stones fell out of the top of the a stone 
pillar on my girlfriend's front porch.  I cemented in the stone back into place 
and waited a day.  I shook the top level of the stones to see if any others 
were loose.  A stone fell, then the whole thing came tumbling down in an 
avalanche.    I broke it now I must fix it.  All the kings horses and men could 
not put this together again.   I'll never get to do what I want when these kind 
of things happen.  I should have tied a rope around the structure and pointed 
it first.  I hate this school of hard knocks.

Frank Znidarsic

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