Unfortunately my black nickel experiments produced no anomalous energy.

I am also into apps.  I used the audio recorder in a creative way and came up 
with Parrot Teacher.  Parrot Teacher was an after thought.  It is now running 
about 22.  This app outsells my physics books by a wide margin.


This spring I learned how to used the android video recorder and I wanted to 
place it into an app.  I was thinking of a security app.  The market is 
saturated with security apps.  These are way better than any I can produce.

I remember years ago I purchased AOL to search for good stocks.  It was busy, I 
could not get on, I got bumped off, and my sisters wanted on when it was 
connected.  How was I ever going to find a good stock?  I should have looked 
right in front of me.  AOI went up 7,000 times after the IPO.  Lesson learned.

Now I am making apps.  I need someone to hold the camera and to start and stop 
it on que.  Oops we need to do that again I messed up the video.  I wish I 
could remote control that camera by myself?  Yes, that's what I need and it 
could sell.  I will link the charger to the video recorder, when the charger is 
on it records after a 10 second countdown.  When the charger is off it will 
pause.  I can than start and stop the camera, with a switched receptacle strip, 
using my foot.

I am on it now.  It pays to look at what you need.

Frank Znidarsic

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