Pilot wave theory posits that particle positions can be known and there is
no wave-particle duality.  Instead, a "pilot wave" guides the particles
through the slits and standing waves in the "medium" are what produces
apparent wave-like behavior of particle motion.  Pilot wave theory itself
does not hypothesize what the "medium" comprises that is able to propagate
the guiding wave.  I think Pilot Wave Theory fits perfectly with Hotson's
EPO ether.

Continued investigation of the EM-drive may be the crack in physics that
finally shows that conventional quantum mechanics is an arcane, obsolete,
and incomplete formulation of the physics of small matter.  Just because
quantum mechanics mostly works, doesn't mean it is a good formulation of
the problem.

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> This Overlooked Theory Could Be The Missing Piece That Explains How The EM
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