there are already software, using advance mathematical technique to replace
programmer who code software with assembler, even for parallel code.

We call that compilers, and I use it, even if there was hard resistance at
the beginning.
This did not kill IT work, who now develop complex system with real time
optimizer executing bytecode created from specifications...

the future of AI is like the future of donkey, that you use one to help you
earn your life.

the tragedy of AI, like the tragedy of donkey, would be that common people
refuse to buy a share of an AI, to run an AI, to exploit an AI, and prefer
to stay subordinate of a boss.

By the way sometime I think that using an AI to replace a journalist would
improve the results, because sometime I see "journal de reference" behave
worst than Breitbart News or facebook algorithm, because they are more
activists than relays and analysts.

When you see what have been the blackswan TOP50, I suspect that an AI would
be more creative than many producers, or at least less expensive for same
Best producer for me is the audience.

2017-10-11 8:09 GMT+02:00 Axil Axil <>:

> Google’s AI is Learning to Make Other AI
> "Even more, as this development indicates, not just low-skill jobs are on
> the chopping block. There are currently AI systems being developed that can
> replace film editors
> <>
> , songwriters
> <>
> , journalists
> <>,
> and much more. And now, with AI that is capable of creating AI better than
> humans, we all need to be a little more observant and aware of what’s on
> the horizon."

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