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"help you earn your life"

This is an expression of subservience . Everyone seeks a master, but
individual people differ in who or what they choose as their master. Some
people prefer a boss, some prefer church, some prefer the master of
science, some prefer the marketplace, etc. Each person should have the
economic security to choose or reject a master.


On Wed, Oct 11, 2017 at 4:37 AM, Alain Sepeda <>

> there are already software, using advance mathematical technique to
> replace programmer who code software with assembler, even for parallel code.
> We call that compilers, and I use it, even if there was hard resistance at
> the beginning.
> This did not kill IT work, who now develop complex system with real time
> optimizer executing bytecode created from specifications...
> the future of AI is like the future of donkey, that you use one to help
> you earn your life.
> the tragedy of AI, like the tragedy of donkey, would be that common people
> refuse to buy a share of an AI, to run an AI, to exploit an AI, and prefer
> to stay subordinate of a boss.
> By the way sometime I think that using an AI to replace a journalist would
> improve the results, because sometime I see "journal de reference" behave
> worst than Breitbart News or facebook algorithm, because they are more
> activists than relays and analysts.
> When you see what have been the blackswan TOP50, I suspect that an AI
> would be more creative than many producers, or at least less expensive for
> same result.
> Best producer for me is the audience.
> 2017-10-11 8:09 GMT+02:00 Axil Axil <>:
>> Google’s AI is Learning to Make Other AI
>> "Even more, as this development indicates, not just low-skill jobs are
>> on the chopping block. There are currently AI systems being developed that
>> can replace film editors
>> <>
>> , songwriters
>> <>
>> , journalists
>> <>,
>> and much more. And now, with AI that is capable of creating AI better than
>> humans, we all need to be a little more observant and aware of what’s on
>> the horizon."

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