This puts the anticipated Rossi demonstration into perspective.  Forcardi was a 
key advisor for Rossi almost 20 years after the 1993 event.  I am optimistic 
about tomorrows demonstration.

IMHO the R&D associated with engineered, coherent,  nano-materials and their 
manipulation via the creation of electromagnetic resonances within  individual 
coherent systems has been most important.  R&D   success is in the details of 
the design using a rough understanding of the LENR phenomena in an iterative 
process of constantly improved design with higher COP’s.

Have a good one and not half baked,

Bob Cook

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Thanksgiving was once a thankful time.

On this date in 1993 Piantelli and Focardi had just performed what was the 
World’s first successful long-term Ni-H gas phase LENR experiment.

The prior work of Mills is not nuclear, according to him.  The Thermacore 
meltdown happened in 1996.

No radiation was seen by Piantelli and no evidence of anything nuclear was 
shown - so it is not clear if it was LENR or some other anomaly.

Summary results: Cell "A" produced 39 watts of heat for 278 days. The 
integrated excess energy was 900 MJ. The other cell was less gainful.

The input power required to maintain the unloaded Ni sample at a fixed 
temperature can be up to twice the one required for the loaded Ni. This power 
imbalance ca be considered the gain of the system, even  without confirming 
calorimetry. The actual gain ratio (COP) is nevertheless in the range of 1.5

This paper was believable and many dozens of similar papers since then have 
demonstrated about the same level of COP in Ni-H gas phase, which is in the 
range of 50% more thermal power out than electrical power in. The most 
believable report was from Thermacore, since they were World leaders in 
thermodynamics. They ran for over a year at COP of about 1.5.

Here we are - decades later and with more questions than answers. Some 
experimenters who reported small gain years ago (Ahern) think there is almost 
no future in the field since the COP has remained too low to attract interest.

Many observers would be very satisfied to see a bona fide and reliable COP 
level which is greater than 2 if it can be independently verified.

Verification/replication is the key.

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