The test proved nothing.  It takes 25 KV to make a spark in an automotive 
cylinder at high pressure.
That's the reason for the ignition coil.  At lower pressures less voltage is 
needed.  A low pressure florescent tube
requires hundreds of  volts to start the arc.  That is the reason for the 
Lower voltages are need once the arc is started.  Even then, the ballast 
supplies about 300 volts continuous.
Even low pressure nixi tubes run at hundreds of volts.

A while back I was doing ball lighting experiments.

I have found the same with various gases in my vacuum chamber.  No arc will 
ever start at 12v.
I had to supply at least 1 kilo volt to start the ionization process even under 
less than a mm of HG pressure
in the chamber.   That was at the best vacuum I could get.

The test with the resistor gave the current into Rossi's device.  Energy equals 
 volts times amps.
The volts must be several hundred to initialization ionize the plasma.  It 
cannot be 12 volts.

Frank Z

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