One of the devices with the lowest breakdown ionization potentials is the neon 
There was one version sold by Radio Shack that broke down at about 50 volts.
With a resistor and a capacitor you could make it pulse.  The voltage built up 
on the capacitor and the lamp
pulsed discharging the capacitor.

I tried to employ this negative coefficient of resistance to make an amplifier. 
 The pulsing operation
is actually an oscillator, perhaps it would oscillate at audio frequencies.  I 
had no luck with this idea.
The bulb glowed dimly.  This was not a bright idea!   Anyway is fun to play 
with and learn about glow discharge arcs.  As before, I had none break down at 
less than 50 volts.

Today I am making apps.  My latest app Video Selfie Start / Stop is now running 
a paid advertising complain.

I have had about a quarter of a million impressions issued.  Of that at I got 
about 500 hits.  I sold one app.

Its is really hard to do anything, is it not!


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