This morning seemed unusual in that it was like uncovering layers of of onion 
which led me on a path of discovery which started from here; Using 
electrostatic fields to manipulate plants and animals.
This subject interests me in comparisons to my own examples too numerous to 
mention here. This then led to the following Ebner effect video;
>From there on the sidelines were other videos where I became fascinated with 
>many structured water videos. In the end I found the following claim 
>concerning sonoluminescence.
Blood Plasma, Sea Water, and Sonoluminescence
Flow induced cavitation is mentioned 4 min into video. At 5 1/2 min. he claims 
that these cavitation bubbles he obtains would be altered if he changed the 
flow pattern. Most remarkable claims I have not heard of before, but I am 
purchasing his minimal porto flow unit. I think that vortex list once mentioned 
Gary Paterson? that claimed over unity from cavitation effects but I did not 
know that this also involved the sono thing emiting light, which seems most 
bizaare. I welcome comments and reply from vortex list since I dont recieve 
intial mailings for some ungodly undecipherable reason but I might recieve 
replies. HDN Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances

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