A Billion Times Improvement In yield is indeed a game changer. A back door to 
boron-hydrogen fusion is found ! 

This could be huge - really HUGE - in that it opens up a non-thermal 
compression route and a low loss method for fusion using fast laser pulses - 
which does not produce many neutrons.

Hora is the lead author. Miley is included -- but Holmlid is not. That is 

Hora and Holmlid have published jointly before, and this result explains some 
of Holmlid’s success. But it is of course not LENR but not thermonuclear either.

Thanks to Brian Wang for finding this and also to Revolution Green. The comment 
by Simon is right-on but he is not as excited as I am. 

This could be the biggest thing in fusion since LENR yet they seem to be 
keeping their distance… probably wise.


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