Cavitation induced sono-luminescence  is a real phenomena.  For a number of 
years a researcher at the DOE Pacific National Laboratory (PNL) worked in this 
area with at least one other collaborator at ORNL.  They observed. per my 
understanding,  nuclear events.

I would bet that “unpublished” reports exist.  One of the researchers was 
Gerald Posakony   He worked at PNL for many years.  He is deceased now.   I 
knew him well.

Bob Cook

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I'm sure someone could get a laugh out of this but for now here are some 
extended comments on the subject;
What many in this coil field fail to realize is that there are things that are 
impossible for a single input or phase to accomplish; that can in fact be 
accomplished with more then one input; but because ASSUMPTIONS are made, they 
never enter the realm of possibility. Thinking from the single phase paradigm 
mutual inductance on closely coupled coils can make the (magnetic) reactance 
increase by magnetic agreement and  decrease by magnetic opposition or 
compression. But for that source a symmetry exists in that the amounts of 
change are equal in both directions and what goes up by a magnetic interaction 
can also be made to go down by an equal amount by reversing the current 
direction in one of the pairs. This same law of action does not occur in poly 
phased sources of emf and what goes up by a certain amount by making the 
magnetic interaction does not become opposite by the same amount when the 
reaction is reversed. If we take two of three coils in a 3 phase source of 
power and react them together magnetically one of the two possibilities by 
identical wiring for both will be that the fields will be in attraction for 2/3 
of the interaction period and repulsion for the other third of the time period. 
However reversing one of the coil pair does not yeild the opposite result by 
"assumption" in time as it does for the single phase example. Instead the 
opposite reaction in space is making repulsion of "magnetic compression" for 
5/6 of the interaction cycle time and attraction only acting for 1/6 of that. 
This is what fascinates me about the authors concept of hexagonal compression 
of space whereby I was able to accomplish this same thing with time itself by 
using  nine coils to create 6 predominantly magnetic compressions in turn 
causing 6 magnetic expansions at a six poles using a 1/6 cycle magnetic 
interaction between all three power inputs. Thus it was named a 666 machine.

Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances

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Blood Plasma, Sea Water, and Sonoluminescence
How sea water was used as a blood plasma transfusion substitute. The necessity 
of ocean mineral water and how th...

Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances

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