This is a note last week from a friend suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

“This is a quick update on my DBS. Came home from Hospital at 2 PM on 
Wednesday. The brain surgery went well, I came out of the anesthesia and heard 
so much activity as the surgical team was inserting the small wire holding four 
electrodes. Talked with the surgeon posted behind my head. It was so surreal - 
like landing on another planet. Or universe.I feel great now, a little tipsy 
the first two days. I will go back Tuesday for placement of the signal 
generator and have its wire pulled up within my neck, over my ear, and up under 
my scalp to join with the electrode wire inserted on Tuesday. If I encounter 
pain, this will be the time. Won't know the results for another 2 weeks, when I 
am programmed - like a robot! Appreciate all the good wishes and prayers.”

DBS stands for deep brain stimulation.

Bob Cook

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