I know that you and Brian can't resist bad mouthing Rossi, but there are signs 
that he has a commercial product with the QX.  I have some independent evidence 
that he has indeed started a factory to produce them and he remains optimistic 
production will start in 2018.

If the QX does perform anywhere near what he claims it is truly insulting to 
suggest he "stumbled" upon it.




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There is plenty of excellent work from other researchers (other than Rossi) on 
this site.
If we accept the reality of LENR we cannot reject Rossi solely because he is a 
dishonest scam artist. 
There is even the possibility that Rossi could stumble onto something valid at 
this juncture (2018) despite the crap he has presented before.

From: Brian Ahern

The MFMP website is an embarrassment. They still give credence to Andrea Rossi 
! Why would you site this site?
This is an example of cognitive dissonance.

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