As was obvious from the start, your so-called evidence sucks…

From: Adrian Ashfield

As you won't believe anything short of working reactors on the market, I see no 
point in continuing this discussion. Rossi has stated he is not going to show 
anything more of the QX until they are in production and he hopes that will be 
before the end of 2018.

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From: JonesBeene 
Wait a minute – Adrian says he has independent evidence of a factory. 
This seems at first blush to be  irrational if not silly… but heck --  let’s 
hear or see this evidence !
Hopefully it will not come from Rossi or one of his sock puppets and hopefully 
there will be a building and assembly line and hopefully it will not be called 
JM Enterprises but maybe it will be filled with those robots which he promised 
were coming to Boston back in 2012 for that other factory, the one which was to 
make the prE-Scat before IH entered the picture.
But first – you do not need a factory---  do you !?! 
Actually Rossi could totally rehabilitate his crappy reputation with any honest 
and independent showing of a working device. Why build a factory without a 
product to show ?
Doesn’t it make more sense to have a physicist show the product being tested at 
a local University before you go over to the factory? 
He likes Sweden and Gothenburg would be an excellent choice for a reliable 
place with a top level  physics department - to test and show it off.
From: Brian Ahern
There is no factory and less obvious, there is no Santa Claus either. 

From: Adrian Ashfield 
I know that you and Brian can't resist bad mouthing Rossi, but there are signs 
that he has a commercial product with the QX.  I have some independent evidence 
that he has indeed started a factory to produce them and he remains optimistic 
production will start in 2018.

If the QX does perform anywhere near what he claims it is truly insulting to 
suggest he "stumbled" upon it.

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