Nonsense there is no such lead shielding on the experiment as suggested.


As well I have been interchanging 3 independent Geiger counters to eliminate 
any one being seen as being influenced by stray electrical fields. Only the 
Geiger that is nearest to the experimental source shows the anomalous count at 
multiples of the background. 


Much more work needs to be done to eliminate any and all possible errors in 
this but at least the anomalous emissions are predictably able to be induced in 
a repeatable fashion. In my opinion these emissions might well be either gammas 
or something unusual. The Geigers have been challenged with known beta sources 
and are quite unable to count betas. 


They are  not behaving like my previous discovery of Mischugenons, I have 
recently renamed these ‘Tellerons’ in honour of my colleague Edward Teller who 
helped me with that discovery and indeed had speculated on their existence 
decades before my discovery experiments. 


There are clear paths to improve and enhance this Androcles protocol that will 
bring it in line with the work and teachings of Mills, Rossi, and Piantelli. 




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In Alan's experiment, the  Geiger counter's activity is the function of the 
thickness of the lead shielding. No shielding creates no  Geiger counter 


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Geiger counters are notoriously prone to high voltage noise interference.



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Regarding Alan glow tube test...


 <> THUNDER ENERGIES,  a company that uses DR. 
RUGGERO SANTILLI'S TECH to detect nuclear weapons in sealed containers uses a 
variant of Alan Smith's experiment.





The hadronic reactors for the industrial synthesis of thermal neutrons from a 
hydrogen gas essentially include (TEC international patent pending):

1. A metal vessel filled up with a hydrogen gas at a pressure depending on the 
desired neutron CPS;

2. Electronic means for the remote control of the gap between a pair of 
tungsten electrodes located inside said metal vessel; and


3. A specially designed power unit delivering high voltage and high current 
rapid DC discharges in between said electrodes.

As shown in Figure 5, the DC arc ionizes the hydrogen atoms, thus creating a 
plasma of protons and electrons; the DC arc then aligns the proton and the 
electron along a magnetic field line with the appropriate spin and other 
couplings; an engineering means called triggers compress the electron inside 
the proton, by supplying the missing energy (which is about one million 
electron Volts, 1 MeV).

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Sometimes a theorist can save an experimenter a lot of work by avoiding 
duplicating existing technology.



Santilli thinks that neutrons can be formed out of a union of protons and 
neutrons. This is nonsense. What Santilli is producing are muons. the same 
particle that Alan is generating. The US government is using cosmic ray 
generated muons to detect nuclear material in shipping containers now.


Cosmic-Ray Muons Reveal Hidden Void in the Great Pyramid




Muon Thomography are well known as a means to detect nuclear material


Innovations In Nuclear Detection: Muon Tomography




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