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Hi Axil,
>The plasmoid is one of the most ubiquitous causes of LENR, but it is not
>the underlying cause in the SAFIRE reaction. The plasmoid is a complicated
>and hard to understand cause of the LENR reaction. The plasmoid is full of
>quantum mechanical and optical complications that make it very obscure and
>intractable, but it is the mechanism that most LENR developers are using to
>produce the LENR reaction. SAFIRE produces energy from hydrogen proton
>proton fusion without the introduction of any metal into the plasma stream.
>It is the internal organization of the plasma itself that produces the LENR
>The SAFIRE LENR reaction is a totally pure and uncomplicated LENR reaction.
>It is a wonderful and informative case study of how LENR works.

About 1 in every 6500 H atoms is a D atom. If you take the energy of the H+D =>
He3 reaction, and divide it up among all the H atoms, you get about 800 eV / H
atom. I think this would be adequate to explain the Saffire results. IOW there
may not be any P-P reaction happening.

Robin van Spaandonk

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