Although Dardik and his successors, including Brillouin most recently -- have 
based their efforts (and patents) on electrical pulsation of various types, it 
is not clear that they combined the electrical waves with a strong magnetic 
field in order to optimize NMR resonance to exact known values. NMR is most 
effective at high field strength but it works with strong permanent magnets as 
well. There are a few NMR diagnostic machines which use PMs in the medical 

This table provides the Larmor frequency for a number of isotopes of interest

although the field strength is high in this table - the results at levels of 
around .58 T which is consistent with permanent magnets, can be calculated as 
simple ratio (divide by 10). It probably is not worth the effort to use 
anything weaker than this.

No one knows exactly how to optimize for spin in LENR other than Dardik’s 
so-called superwave and the Brillouin knock-off. Maybe you want resonance or 
maybe dissonance. AFAIK- application of medical NMR techniques to electrolysis 
in a strong field hasn’t been specifically tried – although it should not be 
too hard.

For instance one could use a nickel cathode, plated with palladium, especially 
105Pd along with an electrolyte enriched in 6Li. The nickel rod could 
accommodate strong NIB magnets on either end and still be conducive - so that a 
field of over half a Tesla is possible along with charge.

In such a situation, a cell could add a DC bias of say 2 volts to an AC signal 
in the range of 3.7 MHz. This would cover deuterium and lithium-6 resonance. 
There are clever and simple op-amp circuits to do this. This frequency should 
resonate with 6Li and D and also with Ni and Pd to a lesser extent which may 
not be coincidental. 

Spin and NMR techniques would seem to open up a slightly new ball-game for cold 
fusion unless this is what Brillouin is actually doing already …

… just thinking out loud. Maybe this kind of NMR based on medical diagnostics 
and strong field magnets has already been implemented.

Yet, I doubt if anyone has yet used the Biberian findings of transmuted silver 
- to base the experimental design on- in the context of NMR – and done it from 
the very start.


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