Press Release:

Brillouin Energy Closes Second Paid Commercial License Within the Asia-Pacific 
BERKELEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul 2, 2018--Brillouin Energy Corp. ( ), a leading company  in the low energy nuclear 
reaction (LENR) field, announced that it has secured its second paid commercial 
license of its CECR technologies. 
The license was sold to a leading industrial group within the Asia-Pacific 
region. This latest achievement marks another significant step in the company's 
mission to create ultra-clean, low-cost, renewable energy products that are 
capable of producing commercially useful thermal energy (heat).
Comment: Hmm… it would be nice to imagine that Brillouin actually had proven 
technology “capable of producing commercially useful thermal energy (heat)” … 
but the reasons for skepticism are many. For instance,  it has been many years 
since BLP released a similar press release for all those “gigawatt in New 
Mexico” and AFAIK – not a single watt has been transmitted to a paying customer 
… and if I were to bet on who had the better chance of commercial success – it 
would not be Brillouin.
The key word could be alternate meanings of  “close”… 😊

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