Axil Axil <> wrote:

Sometimes, the LENR reaction can be active even if there is no excess heat
> produced. The LENR reaction will sometimes produce transmutation without
> the production of excess heat.

It cannot as far as I know. There are examples in the literature such as
Iwamura where transmutations were detected but no attempt was made to
measure excess heat. But I do not know of any examples in which calorimetry
was performed, transmutations were found, but no excess heat was detected.
In Iwamura's early experiments, he did use calorimetry and he did detect

If you count tritium production as a transmutation I guess there are
examples of that. I suspect there was excess heat but it was too small to

> Has anybody checked for transmutation using a SEM after a failed test?

Samples have not been subjected to high resolution mass spectrometry yet.

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