I find it interesting that chloroquine/ hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin are 
both used to kill tiny critters that cause human disease.  I can't find any 
information on Ivermectin being a zinc ionophore.  This factor seems to be 
largely ignored in the politicized controversy over possible inexpensive 
treatments for covid19 and is the mechanism by which the virus is prevented 
from hijacking the cell's RNA.

My personal "cure of the week" would be quercetin. This is a substance found in 
most vegetables, curiously at high concentration in capers. You can buy 
quercetin right now without a prescription, as much as you want. It's a common 
treatment for arthritis and is a general anti-inflammatory. More to the point, 
it has been shown to be a zinc ionophore. So it's a twofer, suppresses 
inflammation and transports zinc across the cell membrane. Inflammation in the 
lungs with viral pneumonial, along with the mucous build up is what is killing 
people. So I have stocked up on the stuff, along with my stash of chloroquine 

 On Thursday, April 9, 2020, 06:47:55 PM UTC, Jones Beene <jone...@pacbell.net> 

 Cure of the week - Ivermectin
One can actually get hold of the Veterinarian version on Amazon but of course 
they strongly advise that it is "not for human use."
... at least not at the low price available for horses.

Mr Ed sez... neeeeigh ... neeeigh

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